We export high quality used items of Japan.

The big appeal is that the quality of our used items are much higher than those of other suppliers in Asian countries.

We believe reuse is the best ecology and surplus goods in Japan are utilized in foreign countries.

It is difficult to resell disused items such as used wedding furniture, used large furniture, and used-up general items in Japan, but there are still many demands for such items in South-East Asian countries.

In recent years, various types of items has been disposed of as waste/trash. They are cause of producing hazardous chemical substance and serious soil contamination because of leaving them for long periods of time or burning them, and such situation is recognized as social problem.
There are some recyclable items in Japan but it costs much money for recycling and it also causes an environmental damage in no small measure during the recycling process.

Using the items as they are leads to eco-friendly approach.

We, ECO Trading export a lot of items at one time by putting small disused general items into large furniture and lay them closely together in container; we export such items to people who need in the efficient way.

We support life of “No Disposing and No Burning”.

In Thailand and Philippines, a lot of used items such as furniture, general items, hina-dolls, figures, bags, kids’ items, baby strollers, child safety seats, clothes..etc are being reused.
Items which were carefully used for long time but became useless after all are exported to foreign countries today. When we think about such items being used by foreign people now, we are sure that it is advantage for both the items themselves and people who used them before.

Please take part in the recycling circle of “No Disposing and No Burning”.